We believe knowing more about cannabis is better for everyone. That’s why we build customer-focused cannabis brands committed to insight and education.


Management Services
in Cannabis.


At Greene Fox we believe in a future where cannabis is recognized for it’s medicinal potential across a wide spectrum of health and wellness needs. However, long term industry success will be dependent upon our ability to educate and inform consumers on how to best utilize this product. Consumers need trusted brands to rely on, retail establishments offering qualified patient support, and overall a better understanding of the products options on the market today.

From plant processing to dispensary operations, Greene Fox is committed to developing and nurturing cannabis brands that set new industry standards.


Customer-Centric operations

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Offering more than cannabis

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Windows to a new world

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The Greene Fox team

Industry veterans leading a team of experts from the world of retail and food service, marketing and brand management, finance, real estate, medicine and legal services.


Growing through guidance

We surround ourselves with experts far beyond the cannabis space, tapping brilliant minds in business, technology, customer service, and beyond.


Bringing Clarity to Market

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