The Greene Fox Approach


Two lanes. One road to wellness.

Operating in both the medical and adult use markets

Today, individuals throughout the country access the same cannabis product through two separate points of entry, between the medical and adult use markets. Both lanes offer an opportunity to access quality cannabis that can help meet our various health and wellness needs. The key difference between medical and adult use cannabis is taxation, as well as existing market sizes.

It’s up to the cultivators, processors, and dispensaries to ensure that their patients have access to the right products with proper consultation.

We’ve established operations on both coasts, diversifying our efforts to fulfill a singular long-term vision. With cultivation and product distribution in the California adult use market, we can test brands against the largest group of consumers, and potential consumers, in the United States. In Maryland, we’re opening the doors to our medical dispensary, Kip, to tap into a quickly budding and newly legalized market, Our processing facility allows us to create quality product amidst a young and developing state industry. We’ve positioned ourselves to set new medical precedents in a market that’s close proximity to Congress.


State of the Industry

A report published by Grand View Research estimates that the global legal cannabis market is expected to reach USD 146.4 billion by end of 2025.

Hello, Big Business

More and more major corporations are planning their entrance into the cannabis market. Companies such as Scotts, Microsoft, and Constellation brands have already made sizable investments into the industry, Household names like Coca Cola have even entered conversation, considering cannabis-infused products as part of their future portfolio.



$9 billion
was the estimated size of the legal U.S. cannabis industry in 2017

2.1 million
is the number of medical cannabis patients nationwide
(based off 26 operating medical state markets)

of Americans support the legalization of cannabis for medical treatment
according to a Quinnipiac poll

of physicians support nationwide legalization of medical cannabis
according to a survey by WebMD/Medscape

$75 billion
is the estimated size of the legal U.S. cannabis industry by 2030
according to research company Cowen & Co


Obstacles & Opportunity

The cannabis industry in the United States is booming, yet a majority of eligible users are not current consumers. As public perception and perceived stigma around cannabis continues to improve, we’ll see a rush of new customers looking to safely and responsibly experience cannabis.

Due to federal restrictions, state-run programing and regulations, the existing market is fragmented and poorly realized. An overwhelming number of cannabis businesses are run by operators who lack the critical cannabis and/or retail knowledge needed to grow brands built for longevity, as well as bring legitimacy to this new industry.

With experience owning and operating cannabis businesses all along the supply chain (cultivating, processing, and dispensing), coupled with significant experience in retail and food service, finance, real estate, branding and marketing, Greene Fox is well positioned to implement a vision of building large-scale, customer-centric cannabis operations around the US.