Greene Fox works to bring added transparency to the industry by managing processing and cultivation facilities with quality standards. We strive to manage vertical operations in each state in which we do business, ensuring quality and transparency for our patients.


TCDA Cultivation

Death Valley, CA

Befitting of the enchanted and prismatic valley in which it resides, TCDA grows 45,000 square feet of greenhouse cannabis for state-wide distribution. Led by master grower Drew Preblani, TCDA cultivates over twenty different strains. Boutique strains like Forbidden Fruit embody the landscape’s rich tapestry of color, tranquility, and mysterious allure.

TCDA greenhouse resides on the land of the Timbisha Shoshone people, offering economic opportunity for the community while providing undisturbed land for operation, tucked away in the corner of the largest cannabis market in the country.



Located in Charles County, Maryland, FGM is 1 of only 15 licensed processing facilities in the state. Inside this facility, the true potential of cannabis is fully realized. By connecting end users to the production process, FGM can give patients a greater understanding and level of comfort regarding cannabis.