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More than cannabis.


Kip Medical Dispensaries pair quality cannabis products with best-in-class customer service and personally-tailored patient consultation. Online at, patients have access to easy online ordering, educational guides, and community content.

Quality medicinal cannabis
Personalized wellness plans
Custom-fit cannabis education
Always-accessible patient support

Customer Care

Kip brings familiar health-related care with a licensed pharmacist on staff.

Kip Patient Care Specialists are kind, curious, and compassionate people. While they know a lot about cannabis, they understand how unfamiliar (or even uncomfortable) this new space may feel for others. That's why a conversation with our patient care specialists oftentimes begin with a very simple question, such as

“What do you want to accomplish when using cannabis?”
or “What is your level of knowledge regarding cannabis?”

From in-store consultation to online support at, quality and compassionate patient support is a key component at every consumer touchpoint. Even our security staff and store greeters are provided the tools needed to create a memorable experience for each customer.

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Essential Information

Due to our unique body chemistry, cannabis products affect us all differently. That’s why it’s important to understand not only what to look for when it comes to finding the right strain and genetic profile to fit your needs but to understand the best way to administer trial through proper dosage.

By providing customers fundamental cannabis knowledge our patients can walk out feeling certain they’ve purchased the right products, better equipped with the tools needed to safely begin their journey or better optimize their current approach.

We encourage each patient to visit and sign up for free, one-on-one consultation services with patient care specialists in store.

Whether you’re a first-time user or a cannabis connoisseur, our patient care specialists are equipped to help you better optimize your cannabis experience.

Strategic Communication

Always uplifting and assured, Kip encourages consumers to try a smart approach to cannabis to help meet their wellness needs. We provide fundamental knowledge around cannabis in ways that are easy for consumers to understand. Key messaging pairs meaningful illustrations, photography, and other visual aids with clear and concise language.

Social content uses simple visuals, animated gifs, or short videos to entertain and inform. In-store and online at, patients have access to more comprehensive, easy-to-follow educational guides.

Raising the bar in content

Digital content allows for more engaging ways to connect with consumers. Eye-opening photography, online films, and other forms of storytelling help educate, inform, and provide additional transparency. That’s why we produce meaningful content, focused on the message, backed by quality production value.

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Online Ordering
Made Easy

Customers can skip the line by ordering online at Visitors can shop at their own pace, referencing Kip educational resources or customer support along the way.

Shopping is made easy with a product filter menu, essential information, and high-resolution imagery. Creating a KipCan account offers additional personalization such as a stored profile, previous order information, and new product recommendations.

Online ordering allows us to invest more into the consumer experience as it can provide labor cost savings, higher ticket averages, and insight into critical consumer data.

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Pride through purpose


Whether you’re showing off you’re #KipEquipped, sharing photos from your latest #KipTrip, encouraging others that they can if Kip can, or simply posting a selfie with your signature Kip tee, there’s always a reason to talk Kip.

Individuals wearing Kip gear know they’re representing something bigger than cannabis. We foster a community of forward-thinking and open-minded individuals, committed to empowering one another through shared knowledge across every facet of life. Funding of new research, support of industry journalism, and original content creation aim to bring added clarity and best practices to this new industry. Social channels encourage consumers to share their own experiences, ask questions, and provide answers of their own. When it comes to the continued research of cannabis, we plan to learn more, together.

Beyond cannabis, Kip is committed to finding more ways to improve the wellness of each and every individual. Kip is developing grassroots ties to provide lasting community impact in each market it enters, partnering with local wellness centers, hospitals, and various human and animal rights organizations.


Through branded initiatives, Kip will work to better inform the Maryland market of the medicinal cannabis options available in their own backyard. From registering with MMCC to the qualifying conditions of cannabis, Kip will speak to individuals far beyond those already carrying a medicinal card.