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At Kip, we operate under one simple idea. That knowledge is power. That the more we know, the more tools we have to improve all our lives. At Kip, we don’t claim to know it all. But we know a thing or two about cannabis and how it might best work for you. Come on in—we’ll figure out the rest together.

Nowhere is this time-tested idea more true than in the budding cannabis industry. New users, non users, and longtime users alike know relatively little of how to best utilize this plant; how to shop for the right product or comprehend the vast selection available to us. Kip is dedicated to changing the way people think about cannabis; how they use it, shop for it, even talk about it. While millions of people already love cannabis, far fewer are willing or able to make it a part of their identity; not the way you might be seen drinking your favorite domestic draft on the weekend, wearing your favorite brand of yoga pant, or stopping by your favorite quick serve restaurant. The truth is, many people simply don’t understand cannabis. Kip has positioned itself as the face of Gen II medical cannabis, where patient consultants are eager to provide their patients with the assistance they need to better understand cannabis and how to optimize their usage.